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It has been a long time now for Windows 8 to be introduced and at the the time of  introduction and pre-shows regarding windows 8.They said that we can use windows 8 can be use on any computer,laptops,tablets,mobile phones and more importantly then mentioned that it is best when it is use with touch.That was the time only when big laptop company’s started of making a laptop which can be use as a laptop as well as tablet in one unit only.Then after some time they introduced world with a new technology or we can say that they added one more member in the family of computer called Hybrid Laptops.They got a very good response by the laptop finder(s) and that’s why w are going to share out top 10 hybrid Laptops with our readers so that you can purchase best hybrid laptop.

So,in our today’s post we are going to talk about best hybrid laptop 2013 from the list of these Top 10 Hybrid Laptops but  yes before moving to the top 10 list why not we should know about what is a hybrid laptop ?

What is a Hybrid Laptop ?

We all are sure that you all of them are aware what is laptop but yes never do this mistake of understanding laptop and hybrid laptop one.They are totally different and have their own pros and cons.Hybrid laptop is that device which looks like a laptop but yes here comes the twist it can be used as a tablet which makes it more special in today’s technology.It comes with touch screen and can be detach anytime from its base and can be re-attached.

As we are running in a generation which is running very fast and technology inventions are going more fast from it.That’s the reason only it has been a difficult job for all the people to find out a best hybrid laptop 2013.

But don’t worry we Infogital are with you and will be helping out to find out a super cool and reasonable hybrid laptop make your choice easy we have gone through all the hybrid laptops available in the market today and collected out Top 10 Hybrid Laptops.

Excited..!! Let move to the short tour of finding out best laptop hybrid.

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

 10. Asus Transformer Book

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Asus Transformer Book

This is a one of the latest hybrid laptop in the market and it has been launched by Asus and they have given it name Asus Transformer Book.As it is a hybrid,then it can be detached any time and can be used as a tablet by its user.It comes with some seriously good specification i.e. a good 13 inch display (touch screen obviously), a i7 Intel processor and a 128gb SSD Hard Disk and a additional 500GB Hard Disk in its keyboard,its not over it also comes with 8Gb of ram and 2 3.0 USB sockets.It is designed in such a way that its tablet itself can handle out a lot of applications which makes users work easy.don’t forget its good batter backup and according to them it is durable till 6 hours after a full charge.It has been on 10th position in our top 10 list.

9. Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

It is an old model launch by Lenovo a time ago but yes “Old is Gold” never go by the release date.It is still powerful and giving out a tough competition to other hybrid laptops in the market.It comes with 11 inch a bit smaller than our previous laptop but yet it is packed with some good stuff in it.This Lenovo hybrid laptop is coming with all new Windows 8 ,250GB SSD Hard Disk,8Gb Ram and i7 Intel Processor.The most important thing it is capable of running 10 Hours without charging.This hybrid laptop from Lenovo is strong enough to handle your all heavy tasks.

8. Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

When all Laptop giants were launching their hybrid laptops then how Samsung can be behind and when they launched it was a simple awesome machine.This Samsung Hybrid laptop is slim and thin too.It is coming with 11 inch of screen and having i5 processor,4 Gb ram and 128 GB SSd Hard Disk.It is also running on Windows 8.Samsung have also given its user a very good camera too and it is having a camera of 5.0 Megapixel.More importantly when it is used as tablet then you can use all Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 features in it.

7. ASUS VivoTab

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

ASUS VivoTab

This Asus hybrid laptop is on 7th position in our Top 10 Hybrid Laptops list.It has been recommended by a lot of the experts and it also deserves to be the best has it is slim and comes with some heavy features in it.Yes when we looks to its specification then it seems to be not that great as it is coming with Windows 8 running in it,2 GB Ram and 32 GB SSD and 1.3GHz quad-core processor.After having this specification then also it is doing good in the market and the main attraction point in this is its dual camera 8MP in tablet and 2MP in-front camera.It is also coming with a scratch proof screen which makes it a good choice.

6. Samsung series 7 hybrid slate

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Samsung series 7 hybrid slate

This is a one latest hybrid laptop from Samsung for Windows 8 and has been famous with the name ATIV Smart PC Pro in the market.It is designed in such a way that it can be use tablet-laptop PC.It is coming with the price tag of 1200$ a bit on the higher side when it is compared to the other laptops but then also it is worth to spend that much of money because you will be getting 11 inch of display(Full HD i.e 1920*1080 resolution),128 Gb SSd Hard Disk,4GB Ram and having Intel i5 Processor.If you are a Samsung fan then you can surely spend that much money as it is a machine on which you can rely for the years.

5. Dell XPS Duo 12

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Dell XPS Duo 12

Now,their were a lot of hybrid laptops i the market and then that time Dell hybrid laptop were introduces in the market.Dell hybrid laptops are famous for its screen which can be rotate and it is in a frame.It is a new or we can say a advance version of Insipirion Duo series of Dell.In this new hybrid laptop they have managed to increase its screen size by 2 inches and they have make it 12 inch tablet-laptop PC whereas it is still coming with the same specs i.e. 4 Gb Ram,128 GB SSD Ram and Intel i5 Processor with touch of Intel graphic card.

We have not reached to the half in our search of best hybrid laptop from Top 10 Hybrid Laptops in the market.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro

After going through the laptops from all brands it comes to the Microsoft hybrid laptop and it has been a long time to its release though it was released on last October and after its release it started getting a huge response from the market and we all know that Microsoft is not that big name in the field of laptops but then also it has done very well to give tight competition to the laptops in the market and is standing on 4th position of our Top 10 Hybrid Laptops.It is coming with 10 inch display(Full HD), 4 Gb of Ram and 128 GB SSD Hard Disk.It is still in the market and giving tough completion so do not hesitate in going with it.

3. HP ENVY x2

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

HP Envy x2

We have now reached in the top 3 hybrid laptops in the search of top 10 hybrid laptops and here on 3rd position we have HP hybrid laptop.After giving out some best ultrabooks. This time HP is come with the tablet-laptop PC and they have proven why they are known for their quality as well as features.In this Hybrid laptop they are giving their users 2 GB Ram,64 GB SSD ram and Intel processor.They have introduced beat sound system in this which has given it all new touch in compare to others as well as it is giving a long battery life i.e. 12 Hours.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Getting excited yes we too are now getting excited as we are now in the end of our Top 10 Hybrid Laptops and on the very 2nd position we have Lenovo hybrid laptop for our users. Lenovo launched their tablet-laptop with the name IdeaPad Yoga and as name says it is very flexible and can be used in any way it can be rotate,detach and yes you can do everything with it which you like to do.It i also packed with some great specs i.e. 8 GB ram ,258 GB SSD Hard Disk and powered by Intel i7 processor.It is made for the rough and tough use and it is capable of doing your very task with a ease.

1. Toshiba Satellite U925t

Top 10 Hybrid Laptops

Toshiba Satellite U925t

I am sure that you will be shock by seeing the best hybrid laptop Toshiba Satellite U925t on the top in our Top 10 Hybrid Laptops but yes you will be with me only after knowing about this awesome Toshiba hybrid laptop.It is one of the best and very smartly designed laptop-tablet hybrids currently available in the market.It is its design which makes it unique and stylish form our other top 9 hybrid laptops.It is designed in such a way that it can be sliding mobile phone whose screen can be dragged from bottom to top.It is also having similar specs like other laptops i.e. 8 GB Ram,128 GB SSD Hard Disk, Intel i5 Processor and a 3 MP Camera. For all the one’s who believe in making status and are style lover can surely go out for this awesome tablet-laptop PC.

This was it from our regarding to Top 10 Hybrid Laptops and we hope you are now able to find out your best hybrid laptop 2013 and yes don’t forget to share out your choice of best hybrid laptop.

We will love to hear your reviews on it in our comment section and yes if we have missed any hybrid laptop 2013 in our Top 10 Hybrid Laptops then you are always welcome to share out your views on it.

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